Discovering new places while you travel on your feet can be a turning point in your life. You will broad your horizon and go beyond the routine and daily life. This style of traveling always has been really popular among the adventure seekers and nature lovers.

Being a backpacker and choosing this style of traveling doesn`t mean you have to give up your normal life completely and devote yourself for this purpose. You can do it on the weekends have 2-3 days out in the nature and then return home

Before everything you need to have some introduction to the Backpacking world! It`s true that it has been known to just take your backpack throw some t-shirts inside and be on your way! But there are some steps to follow:

  • First of all, bank accounts and backpackers don`t get along! Even though the whole point of this way of traveling is the cheapest, you must have some cash for food, bus or train tickets fee, and hostel costs.
  • If you are first time backpacker, you better choose a nearby destination.
  • To save some expenses for your first trip try to borrow the big stuff; like backpack, stove, and tent.
  • It`s better to schedule your firstly trips in the hot seasons so that you have access to running water in your camping area.
  • You better have some canned foods with yourself.
  • Physically and mentally prepare yourself for quite long walks, sleeping on the hard floor, eating light and easy-made foods, and encountering natural threats.
  • If you have an experienced friend or family member invite them to come along so you can learn from them for your next trip alone.
  • Selecting the destination for your trip is quite a delicate topic. You can use the available guide books, magazine, online websites, and consulting an experienced friend or backpacker for selecting the best option for you that fits your budget, timetable and set of skills. Choosing a hard trail with long mountain climbing routes can exhaust you for the first trip. On the other hand, choosing an easy path will not satisfy your adventure sprit.
  • In your backpack have Nylon pants, T-shits, sun shirt, sun hat, Puffy jacket, warm hat, gloves, base layers or long underwear, waterproof jacket.
  • In the case of group travelling, sort out the food and necessary needed gear for individuals.
  • For estimating your trekking kilometer, you need to take into consideration the terrain and pace that you have. Also, whether if your trail has time consuming elements like steep, rugged paths which will slow you down. It`s safe to say you can cover 3-4 km per hour on a flat trekking trail, plus roughly 15 minutes for per 100m of elevation on your trail.
  • Since you are traveling solo and independently, you better have the enough information about the area and animals living around. You need to have a general plan to give an idea where to go next.
  • Most backpackers tend to make documentary or write diaries of their trip to inspire others to get out of their comfort zone and explore the unknowns. Also, this is going to be the best memory of your life it`s better to have some photos to show to your grandchildren.
  • Don`t forget to carry an insect repellent to have a comfortable stay, away from having the urge of itching yourself all the time.

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