We introduced the first steps towards becoming a backpacker in the last article and now we are going to give you the necessary guide for backpacking in Iran and the best and first-rated places to have a backpacking adventure there.

Iran is a country with everything included in it! You can find many jungles with wild animals living, running rivers, beautiful forests, vast agricultural fields, high mountains, numerous hills filled with amazing herbs and flowers inside the country and choose your direction accordingly. All of these altogether makes Iran a great destination for travel lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

North of Iran

North of Iran is known as the “heaven of Iran” since almost every city has jungle, lake, pond, waterfall, mountain, beach, and river. Its beauty is out of question so it becomes a great destination for your next adventure. Provinces namely Golestan, Mazandaran, and Gilan are the top destinations for tourists.

Some advantages of backpacking in the northern cities of Iran are:

  • The distance between the cities is quite short so you can get whatever you need on your way.
  • All three cities mentioned above have national parks for camping.
  • You can experience a variety of camping types such as beach camping, jungle camping, trekking and mountain camping.

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Places you should check out when you are in north:

Sheytan Kuh waterfall, Javaher Dasht village, Badab Soort natural springs, Churat lake, Golbon garden, Qarnababd national park, Tuskestan jungle, Tushan lake, Alang Darreh national park, Kaboodwall waterfall, Jahan Nama village, Sisangan jungle, Filband village, Daryasar plain, Javaher Deh village, Danial cave, Hasal marsh.


South of Iran

South of Iran is full of undiscovered spots waiting for you to enjoy it to the most. The distance between Khorramshahr and Govater (about 2000 km) is full of numerous natural attractions and camping areas.

Arvand Rood, Kharag island, Bandar Siraf, Portuguese castle, Hara jungle, and Beris village can be your destination options.

Some of the advantages of backpacking in the south of Iran:

  • Southern people are super warm and hospitable which will make your traveling more enjoyable and memorable.
  • Like the north, between the provinces there isn`t much distance so you can have the chance to see the different cultures and lifestyles in one traveling.
  • You will have the chance to visit Kish, Geshm, and Hormoz islands. In addition, you get to see Persian Gulf, international waters, and camping in the ocean.
  • Finally, you get to eat Iranian food especially fresh seafood which is the main dish in the south.


Places you should check out when you are in south:

Bandar Lengeh, Ahmad Nadalian museum, Hormoz island, Hengam island, Bandar Laft, Bandar Siraf, Bandar Ganaveh, Bandar Deylam, Akbar falafel, Darioon Creek, and Chogha Zanbil Ziggurat.

Deserts in Iran

Backpacking and trekking in the deserts can be tricky and a bit challenging since there is no running water and cities are apart from each other. On the other hand, when experiencing the peace in the deserts in Iran, seeing the breathtaking sceneries, skies full of numerous stars, walking bare foot on the scorching sand of the deserts in amazing Iran will make all the trouble worth it

Following are some points to keep in mind for having an adventurous backpacking experience in Iran:

  • Constantly keep yourself hydrated.
  • Start your trekking early in the morning
  • From 1 pm to 4 pm absolutely don`t trek and camp somewhere
  • Every 2 hours have some rest
  • Have a plan for your trekking and set destinations for yourself

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Places you should check out when you are in the deserts in Iran:

Mesr desert (Isfahan), Maranjab desert (Isfahan), Khour va Biabanak county (Isfahan), Matinabad desert camp (Isfahan), Zardgah desert (South Khorasan), Kalut Lut desert (Kerman), Rig-e Zarrin desert (Yazd), Helwan desert (Razavi Khorasan), Sirjan Deser (Kerman), Darak beach.

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