In the last blog we introduced some of the major areas suitable for camping and places you must visit, today we suggest some of the cities of Iran that are great for backpacking and have amazing nature for your adventure.




Shiraz is like a time machine! You can see the history of Iran throughout the city with every historical monument that you touch. Outside of the city you will see Achaemenian area from the ancient Iran, inside the city you see Hafez and Saadi (two worldwide famous poets), then you get to see traces of Qajar, Safavid and Zand dynasty in the museums and mosques.

Some of the good points of backpacking in Shiraz:

  • In Shiraz, there are lots of tourists and backpackers like yourself so you can talk to them and share experiences.
  • There are many accommodation places all over the city (hotel, hostels, camping areas)
  • Since the monumental spots in the city are next to each other, you can visit most of them in 2 days.
  • Diversity of natural and historical place in Shiraz is like nowhere else in Iran.


Placed you must see in Shiraz: 

Pasargardae, Persepolis, Saadi and Hafez Tomb, Karim Khan Citadel, Naqsh-e Rostam necropolis, Shapouri House, Jahan Nama Garden, Biruni Observatory, Maharloo Lake, Eram Garden, Nasir Al Mulk Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Tang-e-Bostanak, Behesht-e-Gomshode, Raghz Canyon, etc.



Khozestan with its breathtaking natural beauties must be on your list for your backpacking adventure.

Advantages of backpacking in Khozestan:

  • Khozestan is one of the biggest provinces in Iran and the distance between the cities are not that long.
  • Since Khozestan is neighbors with Persian Gulf, the nature and natural scenery is extraordinary and this will make your backpacking adventure more memorable.
  • Don`t forget to visit Lorestan at the north of Khozestan.
  • There are many prepared areas for camping in the parks.

Places for visiting in Khozestan:

Sheyvand waterfall, Karun River, Tah Lenji Market, Ahvaz Bridge, Karun Dam, Pol-e Siah (Black Bridge), Pol-e Sefid (White Bridge), Pole Haftom Waterfall, Apadana Castle Shush, Shushtar historical Hydraulic Sysytem, Falakoaflak Citadel, etc.


tehran pic


Tehran is the capital of Iran and is known to be heart of metropolis but it doesn`t mean you cannot enjoy the nature around it and have some backpacking adventure around in Tehran!

Advantages of backpacking in Tehran:

  • Since Tehran is the capital of Iran so the villages and counties around it are modern and you can find anything you want on your way.
  • A large number of backpackers start from Tehran so you make friends there and travel with them.
  • Tehran has natural and historical attractions.


Places for visiting in Tehran:

Afjeh Village, Zarrin Dasht County, Karkabood Village, Vardij, Tangeh Vashi, Azadi Tower, Saad Abad Palace, Tehran Bazaar, Darband va Darakeh, Niavaran Palace Complex, Tabiat Bridge, etc.


Iran is an amazing country that its beauty doesn`t end here. Other places that would be great for backpacking are Yazd, Palangan Kurdistan, and Lorestan.

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