Adventure Travel

Adventure travel is best suited for people who look for excitement and dangerous activities, so called adrenaline junkies, this kind of travel is a combination of physical activity, being in the nature, and getting to know the different cultures. For having this kind of travel first you must have good physical condition, exercise constantly and be an athlete. Second, you must be able to survive in difficult conditions, so you should be physically and mentally prepared. Adventure travel includes trekking, horseback riding, bike riding, mountain climbing, and encountering wild animals. But adventure travel is all about risks and new experiences, right?!


Advantage of Adventure Travel

Part of adventure travel is economical and can be beneficial for deserted places and villages. Local people can provide accommodation, food, transfer, local souvenir, agricultural products, and be a guide for the travelers. Also, by traveling this way travelers get to know the local`s culture and cultural exchange can happen there.

If you want to go on an adventure travel, it is recommended to go with tours which have leaders and tour guides. Tour operators know the best routes, destinations, have experience, and necessary equipment for having a low risk adventure travel.

The challenges of Adventure Travel

One of the biggest challenges of adventure travel for tour operators is the lack of having one definition of “adventure travel”. Since there is not one definition and each individual has different understanding of adventure and excitement, the travel agencies work gets harder for setting the best package.

Another challenge is the fact that putting travelers in dangerous situations is not an ethical thing for the tour operators to do. So, the tour operators need to find the best balance to satisfy their customers.

Furthermore, the possibility of damaging and littering the nature, hunting the animals, and disturbing the nature is another challenge for travelers and the tour operators. So, tour operators try to give the necessary education and instruction for the travelers to keep the damage to the minimum.


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Adventure Travel in Iran

Due to Iran`s geographical location, cultural attractions, historical monuments, and diversity of natural spots, this country has been one of the top destinations for adventure travelers all around the world.

Having the opportunity to have an adventurous trip in Iran will be an extraordinary experience since Iran has jungle, sea, forest, mountain, desert, wild animals and lots of untouched and undiscovered places. You can taste different kinds of backpacking and adventure all together in Iran. Iran can fulfill the youngsters desire for excitement and new experiences.


As a professional tour operator here in Irman Travel Group we have Eco-camps program and try to have the least damage and no damage at all to the nature. We have done numerous tours of adventure and our CEO Iraj Maani, whom has been doing adventure travels and mountain climbing for more than 15 years, is the greatest leader in Iran for having a mind-blowing adventure travel in Iran. Our operator team has been doing tour operating for more than a decade, knows the best destinations according to your desire, and gives the best possible service.

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