About us

Our guests from all over the world come to Iran for at least one Adventure, Mountaineering or a Cultural trip, Persian Tour Radar specifically concentrates on creating a different situation for adventurers to have really memorable times and experiences in Iran. Our company’s founders are professional expeditioners who have official positions in Iran Mountaineering and sport climbing Federation. They are eight thousander (climber of Himalaya mountain range summits of over 8000m), therefore don’t hesitate to have an adventure with Persian Tour Radar which is really professional in knowhows of mountain adventures.

As you know the value of Iran Rial has a significant decrease in comparison with the other currencies of the world therefore Persian Tour Radar definitively knows that not only you will be able to buy nice and precious souvenirs from every city of your visit in Iran but also your adventurous trip to Iran will be much more cost effective than other countries trips.

Our Team

Persian Tour Radar’s founders Iraj Ma'ani & Siavash Shahbazzadeh are professional Mountaineers and rock climbers who are eight thousander (climber of Himalaya mountain range summits of 8000m). Other staff are warm blooded mountaineers, leaders and technicians who are fluent in 3 languages of English, Turkish and Persian.

Our Mission

It is Persian Tour Radar's responsibility both as citizen of Ardabil and a cross-country tour operator to make Ardabil a better city for people to live in and a better city for tourists to visit. According to Responsible Tourism Policy, Persian Tour Radar team actively works on a sustainable development of tourism and looks after tourists, Iran's cultural heritage and the environment. Also, our excellent services will give a memorable and unforgettable experience to our guests.

Our Vision

Persian Tour Radar is the organizer of specific events and symposiums such as Trekking, Mountaineering, Climbing, Skiing and Nomad tours in Sabalan and other Persian mountains, the most important coming Event for Persian Tour Radar will be (Ardabil 2023 Tourism Capital of ECO Countries). We will make Ardabil City the best and most preferred Tourist Destination in Iran and middle east.





1st Unit, No 28, Gholizadeh Alley, Rezaei Alley, Heidari Street, Golbarg Street, Tehran, Iran

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