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The multi-ethnical city of Isfahan is located in central Iran and is a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together peacefully. After Tehran and Mashhad, it is the third populated city of Iran.

During this trip we will visit Isfahan and Kashan which every city has its own specific beautiful heritage and history. Also, we will take a look at Iran capital city (Tehran) and its tourism attractions.


Starting point: Tehran                                   Ending point: Isfahan



Tehran is capital of Iran and the most popular city of the country; it is also the second largest metropolitan city in the middle east.

Tehrani people speak Persian language. Although the large number of them are of other ethnic linguistic group, 99% of the people understand and speak Persian. International Airport of Imam Khomeini and domestic airport of Mehrabad, central railway station and subway stations are properly developed in Tehran.  



Kashan is a beautiful city in Isfahan province. Kashan was the center of pottery and tile production in Iran so in Persian language the word Kashi is called to “tile”.  4 km over west of Kashan, Sialk hills have been discovered. During prehistoric ages the region was one of the origins of civilization.



Isfahan_naghshe_jahanThe multi-ethnical city of Isfahan is located in central Iran and is a place where Muslims, Christians and Jews live together peacefully. After Tehran and Mashhad, it is the third populated city of Iran. The most glorious time of Isfahan was in 16th century at the Safavids dynasty era when it was the capital city of Persia. Isfahan has so many stunning monuments from Safavids dynasty representing Islamic and Persian architecture. Magnificent mosques, minarets, palaces and bridges can be found in Isfahan. There are many picturesque gardens and ancient Bazaars at this city that are tourism attractions of the city. Some of tourism attractions in Isfahan are:

  •  Naghshe-Jahan Square
  • Ali Qapu Palace
  • Imam Mosque
  • Vank Cathedral
  • Chehel Sotoun Palace
  • Jame’ Mosque of Isfahan
  • Historic Beridges of Isfahan

Day 1. Arrival to Tehran:

After arrival to Tehran we will transfer you to hotel and take a rest. All meals included.


Day 2. Tehran City Tour:

For discovering the history of capital city of Iran let’s visit some historic places of Tehran. Gholestan Palace and the Grand Bazaar of Tehran are the first sites to visit. Visiting the Treasury of national Jewelries or Abbasi Museum will be the next program and after that we can take a look at beautiful Nature Bridge which is the longest footbridge of Iran. BLD included. O/N at hotel in Tehran. BLD included.


Day 3. Rey & Kashan City tour

Today we suggest you to visit a city close to Tehran but much older than Tehran called Rey and visit historic Borje Toghrol (Toghrol Tower) & Cheshme-Ali (Ali Spring). We leave Rey towards Kashan to visit Fin Garden and one of two historic houses of Borujerdis & Tabatabaeis. We continue our trip to Isfahan to stay overnight at hotel and rest. All meals are included for today.


Day 4. Isfahan City tour

Today we will have a full day city tour of Isfahan. Isfahan is known as Half of the world. One of beautiful famous places of Isfahan which “Persian Tour Radar” plans to visit is Naghshe -Jahan Square embracing: Imam Mosque, Sheikh-Lotfollah Mosque and Alighapoo Palace. If we want to visit more places in Isfahan, we can go to Jame’ (Congregational) Mosque. O/N at hotel in Isfahan. BLD included.


Day 5. Armenian District of Isfahan

Today we’ll visit Armenian district of Isfahan and Vank Cathedral. There are so many historic houses in Isfahan which we may have time to visit two of them for today. O/N at hotel in Isfahan. BLD included.


Day 6. Beautiful historic houses of Isfahan

As we told, from many beautiful historic houses in Isfahan we can just visit 2 or 3 of them for the last day of the trip, for example some of the following houses:

  1. 1. Mashrouteh (Conditionalist) House B. Mollabashi (Mo’tamedi) House  C. Dehdashti’s House  D. Vineyard House of Malek    E. House of Mushir al-Molk Ansari     F. Bekhradi House O/N at hotel in Isfahan. BLD included.

Day7. Farewell

Today is the final day in Isfahan therefore according to the time of departure, check out the hotel then let’s go to Isfahan airport. We hope you had a very memorable cultural trip with Persian Tour Radar. All meals until the time of departure is with Persian Tour Radar.

Tehran: 2 nights hotel

Kashan: 1 night hotel

Isfahan: 3 nights hotel

Road of Tehran to Kashan is asphalted and in a proper condition, so is the road of Kashan to Isfahan.

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  • the Period.
  • Entrance Fee to visited sites.
  • Tips to Guides and Staffs.
  • Hotel Reservation extra to the one mentioned in the Itinerary.
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  • Personal Travel Insurance.
  • Any Extra Request not Mentioned in Itinerary.
  • Extra day for sightseeing
  • Coffee House Services.

During spring it would be very beautiful everywhere to visit.

Here in PersianTour Radar we consider all the possibilities that might affect the performing of a trip, however, there might be geographical, political or social unexpected incidents that might influence the program and require changes like bad weather.


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